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О компании

"Yan Ron" company - is a part of the international holding G-Group, making investments in many countries such as Russia, Moldova, Canada, Israel and others. The main feature of holding variety of interests: real estate, banking (Sinko Bank, Moscow), transportation, hi-tech, etc. “Yan-Ron” Company is incorporated in Russian Federation with 100% foreign western capital.


Benefits of our office center

  • A renovated building of the XVIII century, is situated in the historical center of Moscow, and has its own segregated area - patio.
  • The unique peaceful atmosphere . Wooden windows, brick walls isolated from external noise.
  • Wide range of telephone and Internet providers, universal telecommunication infrastructure facilities.
  • A combination of historical architecture with modern interior equipment makes office center an attractive and convenient for tenants and helps to organize your workspace.
  • Available space with decoration, furnished, ready for occupancy.


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Address: Posledniy pereulok, 11 bld.1, Moscow, Russia, 107045 (Target map)
Phones: +7 (495) 694-24-74; +7 (495) 607-00-07/09,
Fax: +7 (495) 694-24-58;
E-mail: secretary@g-group.ru